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Comprehensive inventory management support designed to do more

Inventory management technologies might seem like simple storage tools, but in reality they have the capacity to greatly improve your patients’ outcomes, free up your time, and increase profitability. Nucleus® is designed to deliver all those benefits, and more.

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Nucleus®: Your integrated inventory management solution

A technician typing at the Nucleus keyboard

Nucleus, the industry-leading inventory management technology, helps your practice accurately track and manage product.

Our web-based application allows you to easily view your inventory levels, adjust based on data, and order the right supply. It works seamlessly with our smart dispensing stations to optimize your practice at every level with automatic waste calculations and patient histories.

Nucleus also delivers critical, cost-saving reports, simplifies clinical workflows, and streamlines your purchase order process.

A technician typing at the Nucleus keyboard
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Navigating inventory management in the oncology practice

Learn how to develop your practice’s potential and get answers to common inventory management questions in this article by Jeff Hale, our Director of Client-facing Technology.
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Support that’s there when you need it

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Delivering the best care requires a partner who’s there when you need them. That’s why we offer a dedicated technical consultant for every Nucleus user and robust help desk support.
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