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For Providers

Creating sustainability & longevity for biosimilars

At AmerisourceBergen, we believe in the promise of biosimilars to expand choice, improve access, and increase affordability. We also understand the potential hurdles these unique products will face. That's why we offer solutions for increasing access to and confidence in these emerging therapies.

Defining biosimilars

What are biosimilars? 

Biosimilars are biologics that are highly similar — yet not identical — to a reference product. Before a biosimilar goes to market, its manufacturer must conduct studies to show it is highly similar to the reference product. Biosimilar products go through a rigorous FDA approval process to make sure they are safe, pure, and effective. From a clinical perspective, there is no meaningful difference between a reference product and its biosimilar.

What is the difference between generics and biosimilars? 

Biosimilars are not generics. Generics are exact copies of synthetic pharmaceuticals and the active ingredients must be the same as a brand name drug. Biosimilars are copies of biologics, which are medications made with living cells. They can have slight differences in clinically inactive components. The important thing to remember is there is no difference in how a biosimilar and its reference product treats your patients’ conditions.

What to know about biosimilars


Your patients may be uncertain about biosimilars. Yet, they trust you. You can help them understand that biosimilars are safe and effective. Patients can expect the same health outcomes if you prescribe or recommend a biosimilar instead of its reference product. Biosimilars can also save patients money as they often pay less out-of-pocket. As trusted advisors, physicians and pharmacists should recommend biosimilar use. Start a conversation with patients to answer their questions and build their trust.

Providers and pharmacists 

As a provider, you make choices every day about what medications to prescribe or recommend. A biosimilar and its reference product will provide the same clinical results for your patients. We want you to feel confident in your decision to pick biosimilars for your patients. We are here to support you with innovative solutions to help increase access to emerging therapies, like biosimilars. You can help drive long-term stability in the biosimilars market. We provide easier access to biosimilars entering the market so you can make the best choice for your patients' care.

Landscape of Humira® biosimilars

The year 2023 will be a busy year for the U.S. biosimilars market. Our guide to biosimilars* that reference Humira® is designed to help providers and patients navigate this changing market.


Resources and education

Access to Biosimilars via GPO


FDA Curriculum Materials for Biosimilars 


Biosimilars Council, a Division of AAM

2022 U.S. Generic and Biosimilar Savings Report: Biosimilars Deliver on Their Promise
The US Biosimilar Industry


FDA guidance and information on biosimilars
Biosimilars 101

Biosimilars Council, a Division of AAM 

Biosimilars 101

Biosimilar pipeline report

This reference guide is a useful tool to visualize and understand the current product landscape and potential future of this emerging market. 
Biosimilar Pipeline Landscape Report

Our network of provider and GPO solutions 

Our market-leading specialty GPOs are comprised of a collective purchasing power that is unrivaled in the industry. Our GPO services—including thought leadership from the largest and most sophisticated community practices—deliver the strongest, most consistent contract performance in the industry, resulting in an engaged physician-led membership. We generate results for our members with the combined value of our relationships with leading manufacturers, our expertise in industry trends and our diverse contract portfolios.

Featured capabilities

AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs

ION Oncology Practice Network

As the largest oncology-specific GPO and physician service organization, AmerisourceBergen Specialty GPOs' ION Oncology Practice Network is the preferred strategic partner for community oncology practices nationwide.

Specialty Practice Network

For community specialty practices, we provide access to the products, services, technologies, and education needed to advance patient care.

Specialty GPOs health system offering

High-volume health systems and IDNs with non-340B specialty pharmacies, outpatient pharmacies, and outpatient infusion clinics look to us for new savings opportunities and contracting efficiencies that help streamline your process so you can put patients first.

Healthcare providers are integral to the health of people and communities 

At AmerisourceBergen and through our global family of companies, we believe in accessible care in the most appropriate setting to meet the needs of the patient. This is why we serve all sites of care. 

Independent pharmacy

We know that no two independent pharmacies are exactly the same. That’s why we create a custom plan that works just for you. From distribution to rebates, our ordering system to program support, we always put your practice’s success first.

Long term care pharmacy

Your pharmacy plays a key role in the lives of your patients and the strength of your community. That’s why we offer services and programs that go the distance for you. That way, you can go the distance for your patients

Hospitals and health systems

We help health systems succeed in today's rapidly evolving healthcare environment. In addition to our core distribution services, we offer a broad portfolio of solutions to improve your health system's business performance, safety, and patient experience.

Specialty physician practices

We empower physician practices to deliver quality patient care today and prepare for the challenges of tomorrow. From access to life changing medicines, to actionable data insights and marketing-leading specialty expertise, we build partnership that help practices thrive.

Large retail pharmacy

Whether it's optimizing business processes, adding patient services, or finding new revenue streams, our team is ready to help transform your pharmacy into a high-performance operation with best-in-class patient care.

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Biosimilars: Patents, policy, and reimbursement

Sean McGowan
October 2020

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