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Independence Day
Cencora will be closed in observance of the Independence Day holiday and there will be no deliveries on Thursday, July 4. Our Customer Service and Customer Systems Support teams will also be unavailable on this day. Please review our full holiday schedule for more detailed information and to plan your orders accordingly. We will resume normal operations on Friday, July 5.


Nucleus: The inventory management system designed for your oncology practice

Nucleus is the state-of-the-art inventory management system designed to ensure your practice is working as efficiently and effectively as possible, improving patient care in the process. It’s the only system designed from the ground up by experts working hand-in-hand with oncology practices. Save time and run critical reports that can identify cost savings by revealing unused product, inventory not accounted for, and more.

At the center of your practice


Reduce carrying costs and unlock data insights

Reduce on-hand inventory and associated carrying costs while increasing billing accuracy at the same time. Review your inventory activities and gather actionable insights.


Efficient and reliable purchase order process

Get total control over your ordering. Uncover unused product, find unaccounted stock, learn how many days products are kept in stock, and even automate your restocking.


Manage inventory more easily and effectively

Easily view inventory levels and transient products between clinics and across all dispense stations using one single system.


Streamline workflows and centralize visibility

Take advantage of multiple dispensing options including Nucleus’s Smart Dispensing Stations to improve and gain full insight into clinical workflows.

An interface built for compliance

Nucleus’s Witness feature reinforces transactions involving controlled substances by aiding in compliance and reducing the mishandling and loss of inventory. Witness requires two people to confirm and record controlled substance transactions. These rigorous controls and reporting features help your practice stay compliant, reduce risks, and improve patient care. 
Image of Nucleus Witness

A solution created for here and now

Oncology is ever-evolving. From technology to treatment to regulations, staying current is fundamentally important. That’s why we continually update Nucleus with features made specifically for the work you do today.

Greater accuracy and safety for you

Quickly determine a patient’s medical history and critical safety elements with the advanced patient history screen. Alerts and other notices are easily identified through color-coded icons and graphics.

Improved tracking

Identify the appropriate number of drugs to order in a given week. Avoid retaining more inventory than needed and so reduce carrying costs in the process. Reduce potential waste and focus your resources where they count.

Advanced cloud/data access

Our secure cloud-based platform facilitates the seamless transfer of critical data. With its intuitive filtering options, practice administrators and financial staff can easily access data for reports that identify cost-saving opportunities, such as aging inventory.

Increased efficiency and navigation speed

Clear iconography conveys information about purchase orders and shipping status, making it easier to get key data. Automatic reordering options and shipped drug details instantly populate during restocking to reinforce data accuracy and tracking.
Active Portal Users
Unused Products Identified
Reports Generated Monthly

Customizable and flexible features

Nucleus is designed to offer optimal customization with oncology-specific features and functionality. From effectively reducing on-hand inventory and associated carrying costs to tracking and managing patient dispenses, Nucleus is the premier inventory management application for your oncology practice.

  • Customize and reprint bag labels and receipts (QOPI compliant)
  • Receive amount shipped, expiration date, and lot number automatically for each item shipped with PO Integration (POInt)
  • Automatically match and configure items on med orders to available items
  • Assign multi-tier purchase order approvals 
  • Assign and view audit favorites on all stations within your practice
  • Automatically calculate waste of single dose vials with the option to store multi-dose vials “under the hood”
  • Pre-key dispenses for up to 40 weeks

A Nucleus cabinet

Smart dispensing stations

A Nucleus cabinet
Nucleus Smart Dispensing stations work together with your real-time portal to ensure that every instance of dispensing is properly recorded and integrated into your system, helping ensure proper distribution of product, increased patient safety, and better supply monitoring.
A Nucleus cabinet

Get in touch and request a demo

Want to see Nucleus in action? Reach out and we’ll show you how the system can help you optimize your profitability, work more efficiently and reduce waste, giving you more time to focus on providing the best patient care possible.
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