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Working Together in Response to COVID-19

Working together is the only way we beat a pandemic. The entire nation is experiencing disruption and uncertainty as we come together to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our commitment to the practices we serve goes well beyond product distribution; We are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures. We are going to great lengths to limit supply chain disruption and keep product moving; putting patients first and supporting our heroic healthcare providers to the fullest extent possible.


Getting Patients Back to the Practice

The #weAREcommunity campaign amplifies what doctors have been telling their patients: NOW is the time to prioritize health and get back to the doctor. Chronic and critical illnesses didn't stop or slow down when COVID-19 flared up, and neither should access to care. Add your voice to our social media campaign today.


Your Voice on Capitol Hill for COVID-19 Legislation

AmerisourceBergen’s Government Affairs team in collaboration with IPN Solutions and Besse Medical leadership have been fighting for practices on Capitol Hill during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have continuously represented community practices, as small businesses, on potential cash flow hardships associated with the COVID-19 crisis and will continue to advocate for your needs.


Mitigating Financial Risk Amid the Uncertainty

Our leadership has been working with manufacturers to temporarily extend invoice dating to provide relief on their individual product terms to help with cash flow during the pandemic - Click HERE for details on individual products and manufacturers.

Practice Educational Opportunities

IPN Solutions is bringing our practices innovative ways to secure information and educational resources to battle the effects of COVID-19 on practice operations. Assistance Services are available for practices looking to stabilize your practice’s financial health post-pandemic. You can learn more here

Additionally, Our InfoDive® analytics team and expert coaches have created additional reports to better assist practices in understanding the impact of telehealth options on the practice’s business outlook. Additionally, InfoDive allows practices to project the additional revenue resulting from the sequestration relief included in the recent CARES Act.


Download CARES Act
Resource Guide [PDF]

Download Consolidated
Information for Oncology Supply
Customers [PDF]


Webinars & Insights

   Working together through
   COVID-19: Roundtable

   Working together through
   COVID-19: On-Demand




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